Free Marketing Advise

The single most important business skill required in today’s world is the ability to generate customers.

You’re a business Owner or Manager and you need marketing advise; we are the people to talk to.

We have a range of training products and workshops and services all geared towards helping you to “Gain and Retain More Customers.” The purpose is to help you to develop your customer base and strengthen your business.

Our coaching, training consultancy services are based around three options:

  • Education with workshops and products
  • Helping you to do it by means of coaching and review
  • Doing it for you with copywriting, graphics, printing, managing Adwords campaigns or building websites

These services include:

Marketing Services – start with a Marketing Audit

Every aspect of your business is reviewed by means of a detailed questionnaire. Once completed, you are provided with a report outlining recommendations to rapidly refocus your sales and marketing efforts.

Topics covered include sales and marketing, finance, operational management and planning. The process usually takes a half-day and a report is compiled from the data collected.

Once completed, the survey accurately identifies the aspects of your business where added focus is necessary.

Advertising, Headlines and Copywriting
Your advertising and ad copy are critically important. We will work with you to review and improve your advertising outcomes.

Website Construction and Strategy
Most business owners make the same mistake when building a website; they rely on a designer instead of a marketer. Take this link for more information about website development

Internet Advertising
Tried using Google Adwords but found it too hard? Let us show you how it’s done.

Sales and Marketing Coaching
Designed to assist particularly small business owners to come to grips with the sales and marketing aspects of their business.

Marketing Strategy
Instead of ‘just getting your name out there’ we believe that the sole purpose of marketing is to generate leads and sales. Select from consultancy services where we help you, or simply commission us to do it for you

Sales Team Training and Coaching
We work with you and / or your team to refine your sales skills. The small adjustments that result have been proven to make thousands of dollars difference to sales. In over 30 years, I’ve yet to meet a salesperson whose skills and results I can’t improve.

Our proprietary TIPS sales process is so easy to learn and to follow, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. What’s more, you get a self-paced study guide that will help you even when I’m not there. Between the coaching and the study guide, you’re assured of a big improvement.

You’ll learn why most sales training is out-of-date and why any sales training book you have that teaches scripted presentations, answering objections and closing the sale should be consigned to the rubbish bin!

You’ll also find out why your customers don’t buy and the seven deadly sales mistakes made by most business owners and how to fix them.

Executive Sales Training and Coaching
One-on-one sales training and coaching for Executive Salespeople and Sales Managers based on my years of experience in sales and sales management. Phone or person-to-person options available.

Sales Management Mentoring
If you’re new at Sales Management, and need some help in your new role, we can help. Provision of resources, training and support; especially with the individual performances of your sales team.

Our fees are very reasonable and we take credit cards if you prefer. If you’re like most clients, you’ll chose to retain us on an ongoing basis for a period of weeks or months which means we stay on your back to make it happen!!

You can chose from phone, Skype or onsite consultations.

We’re available on 1300 884 757 or if you prefer, 07 3088 2961.

If you’re looking for address and email information, you’ll find it here.